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Acumed Acupuncture & Medical Clinic Wexford

Acumed provides a full range of acupuncture and medical treatments from its clinic in Wexford. Business owner, Paula Duffin, is a registered practicing nurse and AFPA member specialising in traditional Chinese medicine and KORE therapy.

Sep 15 2017

How to maintain good health from summer to autumn

Chinese medicine associates autumn with the lung organ and its related energy system. The lung opens to the nose an…

Jul 11 2013

Summer Diet

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Seasonal Eating

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We work with players and athletes of all levels to treat their injuries, but more importantly, we help to enhance their health, fitness and overall performance.

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We can diminish the signs of ageing with our anti-wrinkle injections. We also perform facial rejuvenation acupuncture, leaving you looking and feeling younger.

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A woman’s body goes through many cycles in the course of its lifetime. Acupuncture can work to restore balance and vitality at every stage of the journey.

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From anxiety and depression to infertility and arthritis, there are many common male conditions that can be treated effectively with acupuncture and KORE therapy.

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Qigong is considered one of the four pillars of Chinese medicine. It increases energy and improves health. Choose from one of our daily workshops or weekly classes.

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Say hello to digestive health and wave goodbye to bloating, constipation and low energy. Our weight management programmes are specifically designed to individual needs.

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